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live event blaster review – live event blaster 2 bonus
live event blaster 2 bonus – live event blaster review – live event blaster bonus – live blaster
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Live Event Blaster Review – Best Youtube Live Events Software to Exploit The Power Of Live Events On YouTube To Get Your Videos Indexed And Ranking On Google In Less Than 5 Minutes Live Event Blaster is an AMAZING product by Vlad M.

Discover how to make money with live streaming
Live Event Blaster Review And Bonus | Live Event Blaster Demo
live event blaster 2 review by users purchase live event blaster 2.

Live Event Blaster Software By Vlad & Stoica Review : The Ultimate YouTube Super Weapon, The First Software That Allows You To Exploit The Power Of.

live event bastard 2.0 review my name is Gil and
I’m going to explain to you why I think that this
tool should be considered as I’m using it on daily
basis so let’s start first with live streaming and
ranking as you know there are millions of people
using Google YouTube to search for information
every day so product that is constantly appearing
on the front page of the search engine makes huge
profit when you create live streaming you have to
manage the content and the live streaming you have
to create backlinks deploy SEO SEO on the content
this is costly but most important it’s time
consuming and the way YouTube and Google rank the
content has changed recently and live video is
rated better and receive more reactions so what is
live blaster this is a software that allows you to
automate live streaming and rank multiple of live
events for you on YouTube it generates free
traffic this is more the most important by ranking
you easily at the top of Google and YouTube and
this is something that is not trivial if you fight
yourself ever to get on the top of the search
engine either paid or organic you know what a
great deal it is and it keeps the ranking sticking
with without the need for backlinks and their
managing them daily so it automates it it can even
bring you without waiting any videos you just
place a future event and it gets all the ranking
on Google and on YouTube and you can later on
decide if you if you want to attach a video to it
this is a great deal so how does live the Duster
help you you make live stream automatically you
can make it for multiple streams easily you can
track manage and schedule your your story you can
edit the links and descriptions and tags and add
special contests all inside the tool and you can
check the Google ranking and YouTube ranking of
your event in one place which is very important
this is actually a centralized hub that you can
manage and track on on one console and you can
even update and delete existing game events more
features of live event planner persistent high
ranking technology this is this was added in
version 2.0 this is the auto duplicate and publish
when they lose the page one ranking meaning that
it tracks the ranking and if it detects that you
have lost the page one ranking it can
automatically duplicate and publish so it frees
your time link wheel this is also a new feature to
add the automatic Authority link insertions this
is very important for anything and another new
feature is a dynamic thumbnail generator where you
can create your creative of thumbnails inside the
tool with the call to actions and graphics now by
the way there are better tools outside externally
and butBut this this is the great feature because
if you are mass publishing events then you don’t
have time to create for each of them high quality
thumbnails it can insert hash tag automatically
and even add Wikipedia content automatically there
are many more features I’m not going to go through
all of them but here are some more mass import
events this is a very strong feature where you can
Masum port event from file either you created it
by herself or you can create it by other tools of
blaster tools so you can import an export to and
from other blaster tools and this is the also
great deal as I’ll show you in the OTO so what I
mean you have 24/7 streaming feature meaning you
can loop the videos so the live stream will
continue to be live it’s a very nice feature you
have a spin text support where you can actually
create multiple content multiple unique content if
you are mass publishing and you can actually make
split test when Chris conversion meaning you can
make multiple publishing events and you can track
their performance and you can focus later on on
those that are really performing so about the
creators of this tool the biggest power behind
this this tool is they are the creators of laden’s
tosya because the creators are also marketers and
this is unique in this this market and it has
meanings they are keeping the code the software
updated and this is mostly most important because
when you are interfacing social networks
especially many API is changing their
functionality along the time and you see many
tools in this industry that are getting old very
fast and they are not functioning or not watching
well so with them you will see all the time
updates and this is great and they even add new
features when when something new comes up so it’s
a tool that works and will continue to work and
this is very important because today you buy many
tools and most of them I think more than 90% they
are just not functioning but this tool does so
what are the options of the front end of it all
and audios front end is as I explained aloud event
stir with the features I showed here this is $27
right now and OTO one is the pro version and it
has more features like multiple YouTube accounts
and this is important if you especially if you are
dealing with different niches and or even in the
same niche that you have a few different video
sorry YouTube accounts and you can manage them all
and you can make multiple campaigns and divide
your categories inside to two separate campaigns
which for me I say I find very very important to
keep track on on on things and see how each
campaign is functioning and it has also the agency
rights where you can serve your clients and make
for them live streaming audio tool is a great
option it’s video marketing blaster tool which is
a different tool from from the blaster team and
I’m using it this tool this tool finds untapped
keywords actually you make the research for
keywords inside this this tool and it has very it
has great capabilities to find great keywords and
gregjul keywords meaning keywords that will put
you on on on top keywords that other people are
searching for and it also makes the SEO SEO
optimized optimization for the titles for the
descriptions for the tags and everything inside
the tool it’s very easy to work with you with it
right in this way and to create your your content
and it even has the spy features to find what your
competitors are doing and how they are ranked and
in order to achieve same or better results so
actually the combination of live blaster with VMB
is a great combination of very strong combination
so I do recommend on this OTO it’s not a mass live
blaster will work without it great but it’s a
great add-on OTO 3 is another tool from blaster
called video spin blaster and this tool you can
create your your videos and it has the great
features to create many videos unique videos that
you can publish and it can add human-like text to
speech with which is a great feature OTO 4 is a
local bank pack laid on for the live blaster and
it generates generates content meaning the title
descriptions and tags by templates ready-made
templates with spintax where you can actually make
lots of multiple streams with unique contents for
example for many locations or many types of
headers etc it’s a very strong tool if you are
serving local businesses so if you order right now
on top of the great price that you have found on
the launch I’ve added some bonuses that will make
it a no-brainer actually those bonuses will help
you to to create your content in a more
professional way bonus one is the Apple style
intro and outro videos that you can create videos
with and bonus two and three are royalty-free
images and the bonds for is YouTube review tricky
book that will help you to make better reviews and
will teach you how to bonus 5 hour music clips
pilars banach 6 audio and video platinum pack
where you can add to your videos as well so
combine totally the is $855 so together with the
the great tools that are offered this is really a
no-brainer so here’s what to do next click on the
link under the video opt-in and go through the
steps your bonuses will be delivered inside your
jvzoo pro choice so if you are here to get results
and to maximize your potential I really do
recommend live blaster event and this 2.0 version
is a really really strong tool as I said I do
recommend taking at least the OTO 2 with it but
really it’s not a must so click the bottle below

Live Event Blaster 2.0 OTO
Live Event Blaster 2.0 OTOs

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